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It's critical to maintain your longboards on a regular basis in order to extend their longevity as a result of travelling over various terrains.

If you are beginners and are looking for ways to keep your longboard in a good condition, SkateAdvisors has an article on step-by-step guides for maintaining a longboard that is ready for you to read.


Now, let’s take a look at the differences between cleaning a normal skateboard and cleaning a longboard before we take a closer look at cleaning the wheels. You can also find this topic in details by checking out the post written by SkateAdvisors on

Obviously, the more work you put into caring for your longboard, just like you would with any other skateboard, the longer it will last.

Aside from choosing a suitable location for your longboard, here are additional pointers to consider:

  • Please keep in mind to always use soapy water and a nylon brush to remove the dust for optimal results.

  • Brush in circles to ensure that the dirt is effectively removed. You should clean one side of the deck at a time and then go on to the other after the other is finished.

  • After you've finished washing, wipe away any remaining water or soap with a sponge to have a nice, dry board. The next step is to dry the board with a towel and allow it to air dry for a few hours.

Keep going through this thread and I'll show you how to clean bearings, the deck, and wheels in the next section.


If one day you find that the wheels are not spinning as quickly as they used to, I strongly advise you to set aside to investigate the issue. Sometimes, luckily, all you need to do is just dirt bubbling up inside the bearing.

It’s a pity to say that longboarders, however, develop rusted bearings that must be replaced as soon as feasible. Contact patches also need to be concerned as they are more susceptible to wear and tear than any other component.


I'd like to underline the necessity of drying the deck as soon as it gets wet since water and heat, as previously indicated, are the eternal enemies of skateboard decks.

When it comes to grip tape, it's important to replace it if you don't feel any grip. You need to wear correct skate shoes to increase your grip.And last but not least, grip tape collects dirt, so make sure it's well cleaned.


While other elements of a longboard can be cleaned with soapy water, bearings must be cleaned with mineral spirits or kerosene. These treatments are effective at removing dirt and rusted parts. I believe it is preferable to rinse them with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol so that no water is left within, which could cause significant damage.


If you still have misunderstandings about solutions used for cleaning the bearing as well as other useful articles about skateboarding, you’d better look at the recommendations from other skaters on SkateAdvisors on

I believe that by following the methods and advice outlined above, any skater, even a novice, can maintain their longboard as well as a pro.

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